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Join the Red Nose Day Joke-Ha-Thon! Hasbro will double all donations from schools up to $50,000.

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Invite your kids to make their laughs matter with Joke-Ha-Thon.

Red Nose Day is a campaign with the mission to end child poverty by funding programs that keep children safe, healthy, and educated. Since 2015, Red Nose Day has raised $200 million and has positively impacted nearly 25 million children in America and around the world.

Right now Hasbro is joining in for Red Nose Day's Joke-Ha-Thon: a fundraising activity where students tell and sell their best jokes in their classrooms, schools, and communities to raise life-changing cash for children living in poverty.

For this year's Joke-Ha-Thon, Hasbro is doubling all donations from schools up to $50,000. We need your help to get there!


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Check out our whole suite of materials to help students raise the most money at the Joke-Ha-Thon Resources page.

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Ways to JHAT

Ways to Joke-Ha-Thon

We developed Joke-Ha-Thon to be flexible, so teachers can choose an activity that works best for their students.

Here are some ideas:

Here's how real teachers are bringing Joke-Ha-Thon into their classrooms:

JokeHaThon videos

  • Kate McKinnon Red Nose Day

    WATCH: Kate McKinnon shares some good ideas and some not-so-good ideas for your Joke-Ha-Thon

    media block

    Kate McKinnon has some good ideas, and some bad ideas.

  • Joke-Ha-Thon Kids

    Watch: Kids tell their best jokes for Red Nose Day

    media block

    Kids sell & tell their best jokes for Joke-Ha-Thon.


Make an Impact

The money kids raise with their jokes is changing and saving lives. Since 2015, we've raised $200 million to end child poverty – impacting nearly 25 million children around the world.

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