JokeHaThon Resources

Joke-Ha-Thon Tips & Resources

Everything you need to make your fundraiser a success!

Planning to host your own Joke-Ha-Thon? We got you! This page has resources, inspiration, and how-tos to help you make your Joke-Ha-Thon a success. 

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Ways to Joke-Ha-Thon

Get your fundraiser started by picking a fundraising activity. We developed Joke-Ha-Thon to be flexible, so choose an activity that works for you.

Here are some ideas:

Comedy Show

Comedy Show

Have a comedy show in the classroom, where students donate to tell a joke, or hold a comedy assembly and charge students to attend or participate. 

Joke Stand

Joke Stand

Ditch the lemonade stand and set up “Joke Stands” to sell jokes on campus or in the community. 


Just Add Jokes

Already have a favorite fundraising activity like a bake sale, dress down day or coin drive? Just add joke-telling to make it a Joke-Ha-Thon!

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Hasbro Match

  • Hasbro

    Double Your Dollars

    Join the official Joke-Ha-Thon team to have your dollars doubled! Thanks to our friends at Hasbro, money raised by the team will be matched up to $50,000.

    Join the Team

How to guide
How-To Guide

Step-by-step instructions on how to hold your own Joke-Ha-Thon, and Red Nose Day facts & stats.

Lesson Plan for Joke-Ha-Thon
Lesson Plan
Literacy, Empathy, and Humor

Students will use humor and creativity to build literacy skills and prepare for the Joke-Ha-Thon!

JokeHaThon poster
Classroom Poster

Use this poster to track your progress throughout your fundraiser!

Joke List
Joke List

Need ideas for donation-worthy jokes? Don't worry, we've got you.

JHAT Poster
Promotional Poster

Promote your event using this handy promotional poster, just for Joke-Ha-Thon.

Joke Jar Pages
Joke Jar Labels

Use these labels over a jar to collect cash for your jokes.


Decorate your fundraiser with these Joke-Ha-Thon banners.

Joke Cards
Joke Cards

Encourage your students to write down their jokes, use as decoration, or share on social media!

Email Copy
Sample Text
Promotional Email Copy

Use this email copy to encourage parents, administrators, and the PTA to support your fundraiser.

YouTube Playlist
Learning Videos

Our videos help students understand the effects of poverty on children and inspire them to make a difference.

Teacher Resource
Stories of Children We’ve Helped

Read up on how Red Nose Day helps children living in poverty around the world, so you can share some real life examples with your students.

Celebrity "Joke of the Day" Videos to Share with Your Class

JOTD Videos

  • Skai Jackson Joke of the Day

    Skai Jackson Shares Her Joke of the Day

    media block

    Skai Jackson Share Her Joke of the Day

  • Yvette Nicole Brown - Celebrity Joke of the Day

    Yvette Nicole Brown Shares Her Joke of the Day

    media block

    Yvette Nicole Brown Share Her Joke of the Day

  • Kevin Quinn Share His Joke of the Day

    Kevin Quinn Shares His Joke of the Day

    media block

    Watch Kevin Quinn Share His Joke of the Day

  • Regina Hall Joke of the Day

    Regina Hall Shares Her Joke of the Day

    media block

    Regina Hall makes like a tree...and leaves us with our Joke of the Day.

  • Mackenzie Ziegler Joke of the Day

    Mackenzie Ziegler Shares Her Joke of the Day

    media block

    Mackenzie Ziegler's joke of the day goes One Direction.

  • Chloe Lukasiak Joke of the Day Red Nose Day

    Chloe Lukasiak Shares Her Joke of the Day

    media block

    Chloe Lukasiak has some jokes up her sleeve.