Red Nose Day believes that you're never too young to make a difference. That's why we've created Red Nose Day in School, a program that provides free lesson plans and resources to help students understand the issue of child poverty, develop empathy, and realize their power to help others.

Red Nose Day 2020 is May 21, but you can start now with this flexible yearlong program.

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Lesson Plans & More

Help your students build empathy while practicing core ELA and math skills, using these classroom routines and downloadable lessons that tie into key teaching moments throughout the year. Then turn learning into action by taking part in the Red Nose Day Joke-Ha-Thon at the end of the school year!



Sept - May

Classroom routines to build empathy


Classroom Routines to Build Empathy

SEL + ELA lessons to build empathy all year long. Use with the Everyday Heroes poster.

Sept - May

Classroom Poster


Everyday Heroes Poster

Celebrate your students' good deeds with the Everyday Heroes poster.

Sept - May

Classroom Planner


Teachable Moments Throughout the Year

These dates to make a difference will help you plan your Everyday Heroes yearlong program.

100th Day of School

Writing lesson ELA SEL


Writing for Informed Social Action

Students will use empathy and research skills to write persuasive letters.

National Reading Month

Empathy through reading


Building Empathy Through Reading

Students will read informational text to develop empathy for those in need.

April Fool's Day

Literacy, Empathy, and Humor lesson


Literacy, Empathy, and Humor

Students will use humor and creativity to build literacy skills and prepare for the Joke-Ha-Thon!

Stories of children we've helped

Teacher Resource

Stories of Children We've Helped

Read up on how Red Nose Day helps children living in poverty around the world, so you can share some real life examples with your students.


Our videos help students understand the effects of poverty on children and inspire them to make a difference.

RND in School Videos

  • Ed Sheeran and Peaches

    Ed Sheeran meets Peaches, a young girl in Liberia

    media block

    In this video, Ed meets Peaches, a young girl affected by the Ebola crisis.

  • Felix, a street child from Uganda

    Jack Black meets Felix, a street child, in Uganda

    media block

    In 2015's Red Nose Day Special, Jack Black met a street kid from Uganda named Felix. One year later, your #RedNoseDay donations changed his life.

  • Michelle Rodriguez Learns About Child Labor in Peru

    Michelle Rodriquez learns about child labor in Peru

    media block

    In 2015, Michelle Rodriguez travelled to Peru for Red Nose Day. There, she met several children who do back-breaking labor.

  • In Atlanta, L.E.A.D is using baseball as a form of empowerment.

    Rising Above Poverty in Atlanta

    media block

    In Atlanta, 30% of children live in poverty, and only 4% will make it out. L.E.A.D, a program funded by Red Nose Day, uses the power of sport to empower young ambassadors and help them overcome crime, poverty, and racism.

  • Paul Rudd speaks to a young girl at a school.

    Paul Rudd and Julia Roberts explore child poverty in America

    media block

    Follow along as Paul Rudd and Julia Roberts visit some schools in the United States, where children in need do not have access to healthy meals or good medical care.

Check out the full Red Nose Day in School video playlist, featuring 15+ videos to teach empathy and incite students to take action.


Get Involved

Get involved RND in School

  • Red Nose Day community

    Our Community

    Learn more about the teachers that bring Red Nose Day into the classroom.


  • classroom fundraising for Red Nose Day

    Fundraise for Red Nose Day

    Join schools across the country to raise laughs and life-saving cash through Joke-Ha-Thon.