Welcome to Red Nose Day in School

Providing resources to help students understand the issue of child poverty, develop empathy, and inspire them to create positive change — one nose at a time.

Red Nose Day will be returning in 2019, but you can start now with this flexible program. Inspire your students to be Everyday Heroes in their class and community, and bring empathy into the classroom all year long. Join us for learning, fun and action!

2018/19 Classroom Resources

Meaningful techniques to energize your students and refresh your routines all year.

Developed in collaboration with:


 Appropriate for grades 2 - 5


Your Everyday Heroes program includes:

  • Classroom routines to build empathy

  • Lessons to foster perspective-taking, writing, speaking, and listening skills

  • Calendar to help incorporate empathy & action throughout the year

  • Nomination form & award certificate for the Everyday Hero of the Week activity

  • Everyday Hero of the Week Classroom Poster (print size 11" x 17" or larger)

In school first row cols

School row 2

  • Children We've Helped

    Students will learn about the different ways poverty affects children.


  • Videos

    Join Paul Rudd, Julia Roberts, Ludacris, "Real Kid Heroes" and more as we explore poverty in the United States and around the world.


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