What’s the Red Nose Day Joke-Ha-Thon?

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Between April Fool’s Day and Red Nose Day (May 27, 2021), students are invited to make their laughs matter with the Red Nose Day Joke-Ha-Thon. Kids across the country will share their best jokes to raise money to support children who are most in need in the U.S. and around the world – and raise some spirits too!

Fundraising Resources

We’re busy planning for 2021 and updating our full kit of turnkey fundraising resources, which will include:

Check back in 2021 for all the details, and sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know when we launch!

JokeHaThon in Action

For inspiration, check out these budding comedians who participated in our 2020 Joke-Ha-Thon!

JHAT Videos

  • RND Joke

    Wait, muffins can talk?

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    Wait, Muffins Can Talk? | #PickMeForRedNoseDay

  • Joke

    We don't have time to tell you how good this joke is!

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    Why did the kid throw his clock out the window?

  • Joke

    A very topical knock-knock joke

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    The classic knock-knock joke, but for 2020.

  • Jokes

    Stuffed teddy bear and a quacking duck

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    These girls know how to make us laugh! 

  • Nyla

    This joke is cracking us up!

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    This video is EGG-cellent!

  • Joke

    A joke that pops

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    It's a very POP-ular joke. If you catch our drift.

Celebrity Joke-of-the-Day Videos

JOTD Videos

  • Skai Jackson Joke of the Day

    Skai Jackson Shares Her Joke of the Day

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    Skai Jackson Share Her Joke of the Day

  • Yvette Nicole Brown - Celebrity Joke of the Day

    Yvette Nicole Brown Shares Her Joke of the Day

    media block

    Yvette Nicole Brown Share Her Joke of the Day

  • Kevin Quinn Share His Joke of the Day

    Kevin Quinn Shares His Joke of the Day

    media block

    Watch Kevin Quinn Share His Joke of the Day

you're making an impact

Make an Impact

The money your students raise with their jokes will help change and save lives of children who are living in poverty. Red Nose Day will be directing funds to address the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak to help combat issues like food insecurity, learning loss, and greater barriers to everyday health needs.

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