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New ways to donate to Red Nose Day

Wonderful (new) Ways to Donate to Red Nose Day


Red Nose Day 2018 is almost here and we can hardly contain our excitement.

We’ve got sparkle noses, all of our favorite celebrity supporters, and…

Plenty of new, exciting ways to help:

“Alexa, donate to Red Nose Day.”

If you’ve got an Amazon Echo, you can now use Alexa to donate without lifting a finger.

Just tell Alexa you’d like to donate to Red Nose Day and she’ll ask you the amount you wish to give. She’ll complete the process using your saved account information. That’s all you’ve got to do.

All you need is love(coins) with Elbi x Red Nose Day

What if donating were as easy as liking a Facebook post?

Well with Elbi, it is. Elbi is an app that makes it easy to discover and support inspiring charities.

All you do is “hit the love button” to donate $1 inside the app. For every “love,” you’re awarded Lovecoins – tokens you can use to make real-world purchases for really nice products inside the app’s Loveshop. Seeing a trend? It’s all about the love.

But that’s not all. You’ll need the app to win really amazing one-of-a-kind items “dropping” throughout the week. We’re talking exclusives, like a signed Victoria Beckham t-shirt, a Guerlain lipstick set, a Supreme bag, and more.

This week they’re featuring Red Nose Day everywhere. You can get the app in the Apple App Store. So whatever phone you’ve got, you can help Red Nose Day through Elbi.

It’s a situation.

Selfies Can Change Lives: The Johnson & Johnson Donate a Photo

Your selfies can now save the world!

Well… they can help end child poverty. That’s a pretty big deal, if you ask us. Johnson & Johnson has chosen Red Nose Day USA as a charity to be a part of their Donate a Photo giving app. For every photo you share though the app, Johnson & Johnson will give $1 to our cause. So download the app (through the Apple App Store or Google Play Store)and start snapping those Red Nose Selfies!

But what if a tech pioneer you’re not? What if all this “downloading” and “talking to your digital home assistant” makes your head spin?

Look no further. You can still donate the old fashioned ways:

Buy a nose at your local Walgreens or Duane Reade

Donate right here on

Start a fundraiser of your very own

Or donate to someone else’s fundraiser.

Doesn’t matter which way you choose, just as long as you donate!




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