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A Note From Lauren Graham on Red Nose Day's Work in Puerto Rico After Hurricane Maria

Actress and author Lauren Graham traveled to Puerto Rico with Red Nose Day to see how your donations are supporting those impacted by the 2017 Atlantic hurricanes. Here, she recounts her experience: 

Hi friends,

So much can happen in a year.

Today marks one year since Hurricane Maria made landfall on Puerto Rico. The storm wreaked havoc on the island, destroying over 90,000 homes, shutting down the electrical grid, and forcing more than 300,000 people to leave their homes.

When I visited Puerto Rico with Red Nose Day months after the hurricane, I was astounded. Not only by the many issues still troubling the island, but by the strength and resilience demonstrated by those who live there.

A young boy in Puerto Rico wearing a Red Nose.

Among the many incredible people I met during my trip, I was particularly touched by 13-year old Gabriela. Gabriela and her family survived the storm by hiding in a tiny closet, while their home was battered and destroyed. Despite her ongoing hardships, Gabriela has aspirations to become a doctor, and to help her mom rebuild their home.

Gabriela, a young girl impacted by the hurricanes in Puerto Rico.

It’s stories like these that underscore the importance of your support.

Red Nose Day believes children everywhere deserve to be safe, healthy and educated. So when Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria left a path of destruction, Red Nose Day funded programs to help address both immediate and long term needs for recovery in Puerto Rico and many of the communities affected in Texas and Florida, too. From meals to medical services and a safe place to stay, kids like Gabriela are on a long path to recovery, but your support has helped to provide hope.

A group of children in Puerto RicoLauren Graham and a young boy in Puerto Rico

I’ve seen first hand how your generosity makes such a difference to children and their families. You may never meet the people you’ve helped, but I can assure you they have relied on your kindness more than you could ever know. You can read more about the storms’ effects, and our hurricane relief efforts here.

Thank you for your compassion and support of Red Nose Day,

Lauren Graham

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