Red Nose Day

It’s OFFICIALLY Red Nose Day Season


Guess who's back!?

Red Nose Day 2019 has officially kicked off and we cannot be more thrilled!

We’ve got SO much in store (literally and figuratively) so we thought it would be a good idea to give you a breakdown of all the ways you can participate this year.

The Everyday Heroes

There is a chance that you may have noticed some new faces floating around. Let us officially introduce you to The Everday Heroes. Meet Scarlet, Rojo, Ruby, Rusty, and of course, Red. Or as we like to call him, “The OG”. Available starting today at Walgreens nationwide.

Everyday Heroes available at Walgreens

You are probably asking yourself, “Who are they?” Great question.

For years, Red has used his powers to help end child poverty. Now, he has given those powers to his friends. The Everyday Heroes use their superhero powers to help keep children in the US and around the world safe, healthy, and educated. If you ask us, those are pretty big noses to fill. #NoPressure

Show Us Your #HeroHighFive

Guess what? There are more than a few ways you can help! You can be an Everyday Hero by taking part in the #HeroHighFive challenge.

How to do the Hero High Five Challenge

It’s simple: Grab a friend and buy one Red Nose or collect all five from your local Walgreens. Then, film yourselves wearing them and giving a high five. Finally, tag and post with #HeroHighFive and it could be featured in the Red Nose Day Special on NBC on May 23.

Thanks to people like you, Red Nose Day has raised $150 million since 2015 and used that money to positively impact more than 16 million children in America and around the world.

It’s true... a little nose goes a long way.

Fundraise Your Way

We bet you’re thinking, “I love the new noses! How else can I participate in Red Nose Day?” Well, first of all, wow. You’re asking some really good questions.

You can do almost anything to raise money for Red Nose Day.

Throw a party, challenge a friend, or come up with something totally new. You can even raise money by helping children sell and tell their jokes, live-streaming your gameplay, or simply set up a fundraising page, tell your friends, kick back, and watch the donations roll in.

Safe to say...

Donate to Win for Red Nose Day

Another way you can support Red Nose Day is by entering to win awesome prizes.

By going to our prize page and making a donation, you can win BIG and enter for a chance to win dinner with Tom Hiddleston, private music session with Mumford and Sons, breakfast with Jodie Walker, and much more.

Now that's what we call a win-win situation. 

Don't Forget to Tune-In!

But wait...there's MORE!

Tune-in May 23 on NBC for a night of fun for an incredible cause.

The night begins at 8/7c with a 2-hour Red Nose Day Special that's filled with music, fun, and comedy – all to help end child poverty in America and around the world.

After that, a very special edition of Hollywood Game Night brings together an amazing line-up of stars at 10/9c.

There you have it, folks. No matter who you are or what you love to do, there’s a way you can help end child poverty with Red Nose Day this year. #NosesOn!


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