These videos will help students understand the effects of poverty on children and inspire them to make a difference. Videos can be paired with our lesson plans or used as standalone teaching tools. Check back often – we'll be adding more videos soon.

Learn how poverty impacts children in the U.S. and around the world:

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  • Paul Rudd explores child poverty in America

    Exploring child poverty in the United States

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    Follow along as Paul Rudd and Julia Roberts visit some schools in the United States, where children in need do not have access to healthy meals or good medical care.

  • Ludacris looks at child hunger

    Ludacris Looks at Child Hunger

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    Ludacris heads to a school in Atlanta where he meets with a young boy who benefits from the BackPack program.

  • Watch Ed Sheeran's exclusive video for his song "What Do I know?" shot in Liberia on his trip for Red Nose Day

    Ed Sheeran's exclusive video for Red Nose Day

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    What Do I Know? An Ed Sheeran video for Red Nose Day documenting his time in Liberia.

  • Ed Sheeran Peaches

    Ed Sheeran sings with Peaches in Liberia

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    In this video, Ed meets Peaches, a young girl affected by the Ebola crisis.

  • Jack Black meets Felix, a street child in Uganda

    Jack Black meets Felix, a street child, in Uganda

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    In 2015's Red Nose Day Special, Jack Black met a street kid from Uganda named Felix. One year later, your Red Nose Day donations changed his life.

  • Michelle Rodriguez learns about child labor in Peru

    Michelle Rodriguez visits child laborers in Peru

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    In 2015, Michelle Rodriguez travelled to Peru for Red Nose Day. There, she met several children who do back-breaking labor.

A Look at Child Poverty in America

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  • In Atlanta, L.E.A.D is using baseball as a form of empowerment.

    Rising Above Poverty in Atlanta

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    In Atlanta, 30% of children live in poverty, and only 4% will make it out. L.E.A.D, a program funded by Red Nose Day, uses the power of sport to empower young ambassadors and help them overcome crime, poverty, and racism.

  • Red Nose Day helps bring healthcare to children in need

    Bringing Healthcare to the Source in Trenton

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    1 in 4 children living in the rural U.S. grows up in poverty. As a result, it keeps them from getting the health care that they need.