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We're working year-round to ensure kids are safe, healthy and educated. Here you'll find resources to start your own Red Nose Day fundraiser, or turn in what you raised to help kids in need. 

Fundraising Turn In

Do what you love, make a big difference


Buy or bake your favorite treats, and add some red sprinkles and decorations for fun!

Warm up the oven


Put your money where your mouth is - literally. Tip the jar every time you use a swear. 

Swear Off, Noses On

Movie Night

Invite your friends and family to a movie night. Charge a fee at the door, sell noses and snacks. 

Lights, camera, Noses On

Walk to Work

Bring out your inner gym buff and get sponsored to walk, bike, or run to work. 

Get fit for a good cause

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Funraise Wall


Drop By A Walgreens

Drop your cash donations at Walgreens

Don’t know what to do with all that dough you raised? Drop your cash donations off at your local Walgreens, and they’ll get the money where it needs to go. And you’ll get a receipt!

Find the nearest Walgreens

Inspiration Row

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