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#HopeFromHome Raised Over $1.7M to Help Fight the Impacts of COVID-19: Here are the Highlights


On World Health Day, we participated in #HopeFromHome. It’s the world’s first multi-platform livestream fundraising event. Wanna know something cool? Thanks to your support, it raised over $1.7M (and counting) to help fight the impacts of COVID-19.

Throughout the day, entertainers, influencers, gamers, streamers, and the public came together across a range of platforms to share inspiring stories, entertain their audiences, and raise some much-needed funds. Money raised will support the World Health Organization COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund, United Way, and Red Nose Day as we address health, food insecurity, educational, and economic challenges resulting from the virus.

Here are the highlights

With so many influencers getting in on the fundraising, there were too many great moments to count. But we tried! So here's what you missed: 

Jacksepticeye raises over $500K

In just 4.5 hours, Jacksepticeye showed us what the power of community is really about: coming together to help those in need.

Our favorite moment was when Comic Relief US's (the organization behind Red Nose Day) CEO, Alison Moore, joined him live to talk about how Red Nose Day is helping fight the impacts of COVID-19 on children. We were moved by Alison's summary of why and how Comic Relief US is fighting to end child poverty, and found their discussion was really interesting!

CrankGamePlays shaves his head

We knew Ethan Nester, aka @CrankGamePlays, meant business when he told his following that if he hit his goal of $50K he'd shave his head. And guess what? It only took an hour to reach that goal.

Clearly, Ethan's fans really wanted to help fight the impacts of  COVID-19 – seeing him with a fresh DIY buzz cut was a great reward.


The cast of Criminal Minds reunites for Happy Hour

When Penelope Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness), Agent David Rossi (Joe Mantegna), Luke Alvez (Adam Rodriguez) get together, we pay attention. This crime-fighting crew joined Aisha Taylor for a few drinks, a few laughs, and a few secrets about the show. 

Thousands of fundraisers helped make this happen

It was not a few fundraisers, but a cast of many, that made all the difference in raising funds for #HopefromHome. Among the cast of over 1,000 streamers, @JaidenAnimation raised over $250K, @Markiplier raised over $115K, and @Dawkosgames raised over $35K.

But you don't need to be raking in those huge amounts money to making a difference. Every little bit counts, and you have until May 1 to host your own stream and be part of the movement!

Head here to start your own #HopefromHome fundraiser