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Milo Ventimiglia travels to Kenya with Red Nose Day

Milo Ventimiglia Shares His Experience Traveling to Kenya For Red Nose Day


Just last month, Milo Ventimiglia traveled to Kenya with Red Nose Day to see how your donations are saving and changing lives. Here, he shares more about his experience:

When Red Nose Day asked me to travel to Kenya, I didn’t know what to expect.

We arrived at a dump site and I was speechless. There was garbage as far as you could see. Whole families, including little kids, were scavenging through the rubbish for their livelihood. And it was at that same dump site that I met Agnes: a bright, 8-year-old girl. Take a look:

Thanks to the support of Red Nose Day, and the millions of Americans who donate every year, Agnes is finally receiving the education she wanted. It’s incredible how your donation today can impact someone’s life so directly on the other side of the world.

Agnes’ life is changing for the better: she now attends a residential school that’s supported by Red Nose Day. She is receiving remedial educational support to help her catch up to her peers, counseling and healthcare. Agnes and the other girls at this school get a uniform, a bed, nutritious food, and – most importantly – a chance to be a child.

Now Agnes can focus on what’s important, like her dream to become a pilot.

Agnes now has the opportunity to be a kid at a residential school in Kenya.

What I saw was both heartbreaking and inspiring. While many children around the world are still facing poverty, I’m inspired by how Red Nose Day is able to help. Your donations are reaching children in local programs where they can get the care and support they need to thrive.

Milo Ventimiglia speaks to cameras in Kenya


I’m so grateful I was able to share this story and bring it to millions during the Red Nose Day Special. While Red Nose Day was on May 23, programs that Red Nose Day funds are at work, changing lives all year ‘round. It’s really a wonderful cause, and I hope you’ll join me by supporting Red Nose Day and donating now.


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