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How Your Monthly Donations Can Change Lives. Introducing - The Sandbox


You – all of you in The Red Nose Day community – are really amazing.

Every May millions of people like you, from all around the country, come together to end child poverty. In just five years you’ve raised $200M, and that money has empowered nearly 25 million children by providing them the essentials that keep them safe, healthy, and educated.

But what if, together, we could do even more?

That’s why, today, we’re introducing

The Sandbox

The Sandbox is Red Nose Day's community of monthly givers, dedicated to creating opportunities and solutions for children in need to thrive every day. When you join, you’re powering solutions that change the story for children living in poverty. Starting today, you can be among the first members. Learn more here.

Why make a monthly donation? 

Children living in poverty have different needs throughout the year. Members of The Sandbox help us ensure more quality medical care, meals, educational resources, and more nights of shelter for children living in poverty – all year long. Here’s a look at what our monthly giving levels – and what your monthly donation can provide for children living in poverty:

Build Foundations: $10 per month could secure the essentials like enough nutritious food for 10 children after school, or a pair of eyeglasses for a child starting school.

Break Molds: $25 per month can ensure a safe delivery for mothers, and supplies to care for their precious newborns.

Shape Futures: $50 per month helps provide one year’s tuition, supplies and textbooks for 10+ children in the most disadvantaged communities.

Move Mountains: $100 per month could provide a night of immediate care for a homeless young person including food, clothing, shelter, and medical care.

And of course, every donation matters – you can name your own amount for your monthly donation, if our suggested amounts aren’t your thing.

So, Jump In. Join today.

No matter how much you choose as a monthly donation, you’re making a life-changing difference for children in need. And this is only the beginning.

When you join, you’ll be among the first members of The Sandbox. That means you’ll be the first to know about all the exciting members-only experiences we have in store.

So Jump In. Join today – and make a difference a little differently every day.