Hollywood Game Night, Jane Lynch

How We Feel About the Cast of the Special Red Nose Day Edition of “Hollywood Game Night” on NBC


No one asked us to make a pun out of every celebrity involved in Hollywood Game Night, but we challenged ourselves to do it. And we accepted.

We can hardly contain our excitement that Kelly Clarkson, Jack Black, Isla Fisher, Sean Hayes, Chelsea Handler, Sarah Silverman, Sasheer Zamata, and Cedric the Entertainer are joining Jane Lynch for the special Red Nose Day edition of “Hollywood Game Night” on NBC.

We’re so in awe of their support that we felt the only appropriate way to share how we feel was in GIFs.

So without further ado…

Red Nose Day is back in Black for a special night of programming May 24 on NBC.

We are in a HAYES after looking at the line-up for the special Red Nose Day edition of “Hollywood Game Night” on NBC.

We can hardly HANDLE(r) the talent on board.

These stars shine like sterling SILVER(man)

We Fish(er)ed in the talent pool

And caught (sa)SHEER brilliance.

We hope you are prepared to be (Cedric the) ENTERTAIN(er)ED.

Behind these hazel (and green, blue, brown) eyes we are holding back tears of joy. Our Life Would Suck without these celebs. They make us STRONGER.

Hosted by Jane Lynch… Okay, so we couldn’t think of a pun for her name. Eight out of nine- let’s just chalk it up to a win SHALL WE.

So make sure you tune in to NBC, May 24. Or else. We will hit you with more puns. You’ve been warned.

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