Helping End Child Poverty, One TikTok Video at a Time


TikTok is a total craze – and we are here for it.

That’s why we’ve partnered with TikTok to help end child poverty by hosting the world’s biggest Joke-Ha-Thon. For every joke you upload with the hashtag #RedNoseDay to TikTok between now and May 23, TikTok is donating $2 to help end child poverty, up to $100,000!

That’s right. We need 50,000 #RedNoseDay jokes and uploads on TikTok by Red Nose Day to max out TikTok’s amazing commitment to raising life-changing cash.

If you’re not a regular TikTok-er, we’ll break down how you can join the action:

Step one: Tell us your best joke!

Open up TikTok, start recording, and tell your joke! It can be a pun or even a dad joke (our personal favorite). Need some inspiration? We got you covered.

You can view more of our favorites here.

Step two: Post it up with #RedNoseDay to raise some life-changing cash!

As you know by now, every time you share using the hashtag #RedNoseDay, TikTok will donate $2 to Red Nose Day.

Wait, there is more! On May 23, TikTok will also launch a special Red Nose Day filter that will allow users to tap on the screen and have the Everyday Hero Red Noses appear on their videos.

Pretty neat, if you ask us. There will be tons of tools and inspiration ready at your fingertips when you tune in to the Red Nose Day special on NBC and create your videos.

That’s it. See, told you it was easy. So what are you waiting for? Join the world’s biggest Joke-Ha-Thon. We might even share some of our favorites, so keep your eyes peeled for yours.