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Don’t Miss Out On Joke-Ha-Thon and Do These!


This Red Nose Day, kids are invited to make their laughs matter.

It’s simple. Join schools across America where students are telling and selling their best fundraising jokes in their classrooms, schools, and communities, spreading some much-needed joy and raise some life-changing cash.

To get started, here are some quick Do’s and Dont’s about running your very own Joke-Ha-Thon:

Do: Unlock exclusive content like Celebrity Joke of the Day and joke inspirational tools by heading over to

Don’t: Participate at all.

Do: Use the Scholastic lesson plan about humor and joke-writing to show your kids how fundraising for Red Nose Day can help make a difference.

Don’t: Make fun of kids when they show you the jokes they write.

Do: Raise money by telling and selling jokes at a joke booth, and donate that money to Red Nose Day to help end child poverty.

Don’t: Spend all the money on your late night online shopping spree.

Do: Save the money you make in a joke jar.

Don’t: Use the jar as a pen holder for your desk.

Do: Share the fun on social media using #JokeHaThon and @RedNoseDayUSA for a chance to be featured on our social channels

Don’t: Spam our channels with pictures of your cat. It’s a cute cat, just, not exactly what Joke-Ha-Thon is all about, you know?

Need some more ideas? Let Kate McKinnon help you out: