Our lesson plans help students build skills in empathy, perspective-taking, speaking, listening, and writing. Your students will feel empowered as they discover that they can make a positive change in the world.

Explore the 2018/19 Red Nose Day Lesson Plans

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Appropriate for grades 2 - 5

Lesson Plans

  • Your Everyday Heroes kit includes:

    • Classroom routines to build empathy

    • Lessons to foster perspective-taking, writing, speaking, and listening skills

    • Calendar to help incorporate empathy & action throughout the year

    • Nomination form & award certificate for the Everyday Hero of the Week activity


  • Everyday Heroes Classroom Poster

    • Used with Everyday Hero of the Week classroom activity

    • Each week students nominate their classmates as an Everyday Hero

    • Downloadable & printable

    • Recommended size: 11" x 17" or larger


Case Studies & Videos

  • Stories of Children We've Helped

    Six stories of children from around the world who are helped by Red Nose Day. Your students will learn about the different ways poverty affects children, and how Red Nose Day makes a difference.



  • Videos to Inspire Empathy & Action

    Join Paul Rudd, Julia Roberts, Ludacris, "Real Kid Heroes" and more as we explore poverty in the United States and around the world. 



2017/18 Lesson Plans

2017/18 lesson plans

  • Noses On Teaching Guide & Lesson Plan

    This guide features three lessons geared toward helping young students learn about social issues and develop empathy.