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Red Nose Day impact

Nearly 25 Million Children


Thanks to your generosity, and the generosity of millions of Americans like you, today we're able to share something unbelievable.

Since America's first Red Nose Day in 2015, we've raised $200 million and positively impacted the lives of nearly 25 million children.

This is a huge milestone, and it's all thanks to you.

Every year so far, Red Nose Day has grown. We've seen millions buying Red Noses, donating their hard-earned cash, throwing fundraisers in their schools and offices, and spreading the word on social media about Red Nose Day and ending child poverty.

In 2015, we raised $23 million. Thanks to the incredible kindness of the American people and our partners – like Walgreens, NBC, Mars-Wrigley, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation – we were able to come out of nowhere and start changing lives. This was amazing. 

In 2019, you helped us raise over $50 million.

That means that, across just five Red Nose Day campaigns, we've more than doubled our fundraising numbers. We're so thankful for everything you do.

With all your support, our ability to change the lives of children in need has grown, too.

We want to let you know a few of the ways that your support – whether you bought a Red Nose, fundraised, or gave a donation – has changed lives.

Wrap your head around these numbers:

Impact Rows

  • 19 M


    children with increased access to basic health services

  • 11M


    children given life-saving vaccines

  • 54K


    young children receiving early childhood education services

  • 41M


    meals served

  • 100K


    homeless children helped

  • 1.4M


    children received educational support

Again, this is all because of you.

Every May, we come together to raise money that impacts the lives of children in America and around the world.

We couldn't be more excited about this. Or more grateful for everything you've done to make it possible.

As we grow together, we know there's even more we can do.

That's why we created The Sandbox. The Sandbox is our community of monthly givers dedicated to creating opportunities for children in need to thrive every day.

If you've been with us all along, or if you're new to Red Nose Day and want to make the most impact you can – just know this:

When you donate monthly, you'll be making sure children have access to all the essentials they need – all year long.

You can read more here about how your monthly contributions can help make the biggest difference.

Learn more about The Sandbox

We can’t thank you enough for joining us on our mission to end child poverty.

When people come together, we can do anything.

Red Nose Day is proof of that.

Thank you,

- The Red Nose Day team


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