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The Sandbox is Red Nose Day's community of monthly givers, dedicated to creating opportunities and solutions for children in need to thrive every day.

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Sandbox Giving Levels

Provide nutritious food for children after school

Build Foundations
$10 per month

...can secure essentials like enough nutritious food for 10 children after school, or eyeglasses for a child starting school.

Join at $10/month

Help babies and new mothers thrive by donating to Red Nose Day

Break Molds
$25 per month

...helps ensure a safe delivery for new mothers, and supplies to care for their precious newborns.

Join at $25/month

Support education for girls with your monthly gift to Red Nose Day

Shape Futures
$50 per month

...could provide one year's tuition, supplies and textbooks for a child in the most disadvantaged communities.

Join at $50/month

Support homeless youth with your monthly gift to Red Nose Day

Move Mountains
$100 per month

...can provide a night of immediate care for a homeless young person including food, clothing, shelter, and medical care.

Join at $100/month

You can also name your own amount. A monthly gift of any size can make a life-changing difference for children in need.

Why give monthly?

When you give a little each month, it can add up to big change for children living in poverty. Members of The Sandbox help Red Nose Day provide life-saving meals, medical services, educational resources, and shelter all year long.

Together, this community of monthly givers can achieve amazing things.

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    Half of the money raised will
    be spent right here in
    America. We support
    programs in all 50
    states and Puerto Rico.

  • At home



    The other half helps
    children in some of the
    poorest communities
    in Latin America, Asia,
    and Africa. 

Our amazing community has already changed millions of children's lives. Joining The Sandbox will accomplish even more.


  • 13.6 M


    children recieved essential medical services

  • 146K


    children with water, sanitation, hygiene access

  • 11.9M


    vaccines purchased

  • 36M


    meals served

  • 77K


    homeless children helped

  • 967K


    children received educational resources

So, Jump In. Join today.

When you join The Sandbox, you'll get to see how your donations help Red Nose Day achieve real, life-changing results.

And this is only the beginning...

After you join, you'll get access to a members-only online portal and monthly newsletter giving you a first look at Red Nose Day's impact in all 50 states and around the world.

So jump in and make a monthly gift today. Become a member of The Sandbox.

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