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Families! Join Red Nose Day and the Kelly Clarkson Show as we spread joy and raise money for kids living in poverty, who are being especially affected by COVID-19. 

Your donations will go where the need is greatest for the most vulnerable children. Together, we can end child poverty.

Donate, then    share your favorite joke & you could be featured by the Kelly Clarkson Show!

Here's how it works:

You can join with anyone you consider family! Spread joy and laughter with your kids, grandkids, cousins, nieces, nephews, friends - anyone who makes you smile.

Need help with a caption for your incredible video? Use our copy below, or customize it!

We are telling jokes to raise money for @RedNoseDayUSA and help children in need, who will be most impacted by #COVID19. Help us share the joy and help others! Please donate to to participate today! @[Your friend's name here] we nominate you - it’s your turn! #PickMeForRedNoseDay

Be sure to set your account to public. The Kelly Clarkson Show will choose their favorites by May 3, 2020. If chosen, you will be contacted via comment or direct message. Rules apply.

Unable to make a donation? You can still participate and share your kids' comedic videos. Include #PickMeForRedNoseDay in your post.

Let's see those jokes!

Joke-Ha-Thon in Action

See how it's done!

JHAT videos

  • Jokes

    Stuffed teddy bear and a quacking duck

    media block

    These girls know how to make us laugh! 

  • Nyla

    This joke is cracking us up!

    media block

    This video is EGG-cellent!

  • Joke

    A joke that pops

    media block

    It's a very POP-ular joke. If you catch our drift.

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Your support helps save and change the lives of children who are living in poverty. Red Nose Day will be directing funds to address the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak, helping combat issues like food insecurity, learning loss, and greater barriers to everyday health needs.

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