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Join the Red Nose Day Joke-Ha-Thon to help children living in poverty. Hasbro will match funds raised up to $50,000.

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Hasbro is committed to making the world a better place for children and their families. Together, we are inspiring youth to stand up for others and make a difference wherever they can.

That’s why this year, we are partnering with Red Nose Day to offer kids the opportunity to use the power of their own voices to make a difference for children living in poverty, who are especially affected by the COVID-19 crisis.

What is the Joke-Ha-Thon?

Red Nose Day is inviting classrooms and families to make their laughs matter by joining a virtual Joke-Ha-Thon! Between now and  Red Nose Day (May 21), kids across the country will be telling their best jokes to raise life-changing cash for children in need.

Here’s where we come in –– Hasbro is matching all dollars raised for the Joke-Ha-Thon up to $50,000!



How Does Joke-Ha-Thon Work?

  • Red Nose Day has created virtual Joke-Ha-Thon experiences for both classrooms AND families.

  • Kids will pick their favorite jokes – or write their own! 

  • Parents will then post videos of their children telling their jokes on social media – or post an image if they prefer.

  • The post will include a link to a classroom fundraising page (created and provided by a teacher) or a direct donation link if you're participating as a family.

  • Red Nose Day ensures the money raised goes where the need is greatest and to fund programs that help our most vulnerable children giving food, medicine, shelter. And most importantly, to give hope.

How You Can Help

1) Invite Teachers to Join the Joke-Ha-Thon for Schools

Joke-Ha-Thon is a great way for entire classrooms to have fun and help others together, even though they’re apart. Red Nose Day has created a Joke-Ha-Thon overview that you can send to your favorite teachers, asking them to join and help meet the Hasbro match.

Click here to download the teacher overview


2) Take Part in Joke-Ha-Thon for Families

Does your family like to joke around? You can join in the fun by participating in Joke-Ha-Thon with your kids. We've created a How-To Guide complete with a list of jokes to get you started!

Click here for all the details about Joke-Ha-Thon for Families 

Need Inspiration?

These videos will show you how easy it is to join the fun!

JokeHaThon videos

  • Kate McKinnon Red Nose Day

    WATCH: Kate McKinnon shares some good ideas and some not-so-good ideas for your Joke-Ha-Thon

    media block

    Kate McKinnon has some good ideas, and some bad ideas.

  • Joke-Ha-Thon Kids

    Watch: Kids tell their best jokes for Red Nose Day

    media block

    Kids sell & tell their best jokes for Joke-Ha-Thon.

you're making an impact

Make an Impact

The money your students raise with their jokes will help change and save lives of children who are living in poverty. Red Nose Day will be directing funds to address the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak to help combat issues like food insecurity, learning loss, and greater barriers to everyday health needs.

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