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One year ago, Agnes had to work to survive. 

When we first met Agnes in 2019, she was working with her family at a dumpsite in Nairobi, Kenya. At just 8 years old, Agnes had to work all day collecting trash to support her family. Even though she dreamed of going to school, she had no choice but to help her family.

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Agnes video

  • Agnes in Kenya

    Milo Ventimiglia meets Agnes in Kenya

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    For 200 million children across the world like Agnes, you must work to survive. When Milo Ventimiglia visited a Nairobi, Kenya, dumpsite in 2019, he found a bright, young girl who dreams of attending school.

Education is the Key

A quality education can open up a world of opportunities for all children, especially those living in poverty. This is not just true of Kenya, but for millions of children around the world who don't have what they need to succeed. Together, we can create a better future for children living in poverty. 

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