Red Nose Day believes you're never too young to give back. We also understand that speaking to children – especially young children – about complex issues like poverty can be tough. That's why we've put together community resources and activities for parents to promote understanding and empathy, and help us all realize our power to help others. 

Resources for Parents 

Check back often as we continue to add resources for parents.

Resources for parents

RND in School

  • Red Nose Day in School promotion

    Remote Learning Resources from   Red Nose Day in School

    Red Nose Day in School's free, downloadable lesson plans to help build empathy while practicing core English Language Acquisition (ELA) and math skills. Lessons are appropriate for grades 2 - 5, and are easy enough to use at home.

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JokeHaThon CTA

  • JokeHaThon for families

    Join the Joke-Ha-Thon

    Get your family together to share your best jokes to raise money to support children who are most in need – and you'll raise some spirits, too. Even though we're at home, we can still have fun and help others, together.

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