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For millions of families struggling to put food on the table, this time of year is especially difficult. But if we come together, we can help address the immediate needs of children and families facing hunger.

A gift of any size to the Full Plate Project by Red Nose Day not only helps provide nourishing meals to children who urgently need them, but also supports long-term solutions to address food insecurity. Please give what you can.

As long as there are children living in poverty and facing inequity, every day is Red Nose Day

Even when the unpredictable happens, like the crisis of COVID-19, your ongoing support helps give children living in the most vulnerable communities across the U.S. and around the world a chance at a better life and a brighter future.

A monthly gift goes even further, because giving a little each month adds up to big change.

When you give monthly, you’ll also become a member of The Sandbox, Red Nose Day’s community of monthly givers.

Complete your gift to make a difference.

Year 3. $100M Raised. 8 Million Children Impacted.

2017 is a milestone year for more than one reason. Over 10 million noses are purchased from Walgreens. Three hours of special Red Nose Day programming is broadcast on NBC. And millions of Americans across the country raise life-changing cash to help children in need. 

Love Is   All Around...

13 years after the original Love Actually is released, the cast comes together in the name of love for Red Nose Day.

Red Nose Day Actually videos

  • Red Nose Day Actually

    Watch the full Love Actually reunion, Red Nose Day Actually

  • Kiera Knightly explains why she's doing Red Nose Day Actually in a behind the scenes look at what happened when the cast of Love Actually reunited

    Behind the Scenes: What Happened When the Cast of Love Actually Reunited After 13 years

    media block

    Behind the scenes: What happened when the cast of Love Actually reunited after 13 years

  • Love Actually cast talks about who would play them in a remake

    Who Would the Stars of Love Actually Cast as Their Characters in a Remake? 

    media block

    Who would the stars of Love Actually cast as their characters in a remake? 

  • Andrew Lincoln & the cast of Red Nose Day Actually – the Love Actually reunion made to benefit children living in poverty in support of Red Nose Day – tell the story of their first loves.

    The Cast Tells Their Stories of Their Own First Loves

    media block

    Andrew Lincoln & the cast tell the story of their first loves.


Celebrities Come Together for Red Nose Day

From Kenya to Las Vegas (and everywhere in between) hundreds of celebrities joined in to help end child poverty.

Favorite Moments

  • Watch Ed Sheeran's exclusive video for his song "What Do I know?" shot in Liberia on his trip for Red Nose Day

    Ed Sheeran's exclusive video for Red Nose Day

    media block

    What Do I Know? An Ed Sheeran video for Red Nose Day documenting his time in Liberia.

  • Red Nose Day Mina Suvari runs Ninja Warrior course for Red Nose Day

    Nina Suvari Takes on the Ninja Warrior Course for Red Nose Day

    media block

    Mina Suvari does incredible things to help raise money to end child poverty by hitting the Ninja Warrior course. 

  • Julia Roberts and Bear Grylls trek through Kenya with life-saving vaccines

    WATCH: Julia Roberts treks through Kenya with life-saving vaccines

    media block

    Julia Roberts and Bear Grylls traveled to Kenya to see how your donations are saving children's lives.

Ryan Gosling Red Nose Day
Reese Witherspoon Red Nose Day
Marlan Wayans Red Nose Day
Maddie Ziegler 2017 Red Nose Day

The Community Rallies Around Red Nose Day

Thousands of people around the country came together to fundraise for Red Nose Day.

Community Videos 2017

  • Ride On for Red Nose Day: 88 cyclists rode more than 54,000 miles, raising over $260,000 for children living in poverty.

    88 Cyclists Ride More than 54,000 Miles with Walgreens

    media block

    Ride On for Red Nose Day: 88 cyclists rode more than 54,000 miles, raising over $260,000 for children living in poverty.

  • Red Nose Day 2017

    A Friendly Competition Gets Slimy in Charleston, SC

    media block

    When a Police Chief and a Fire Chief compete for who can raise the most money, one will get slimed.

  • RND challenge winners

    Students Rap About Child Poverty in Brandenton, FL

    media block

    One of our Red Nose Challenge winners in Bradenton, FL show their support in overcoming child poverty. Listen to their song and #NosesOn. 

Red Nose Day fundraising 2017
Red Nose Day office fundraiser
NYCFC Red Nose Day
Red Nose Day Yoga Fundraiser

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