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Fundraising Ideas for Grown-ups


Don’t let kids have all the fun fundraising for Red Nose Day! Just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean that you can’t go all out fundraising. Now that you and your friends have jobs, you have the means to give back to children who really need it. So let’s pop those Red Noses on and start planning the perfect fundraiser.

Red Nose Day House Party

Red Nose Day House Party

Bust out those red plastic cups because it’s a Red Nose Day house party! Charge your friends a donation at the door and get creative with classic party games to raise more money. You’ll be surprised by your friends’ Jenga skills when a few bucks are on the line. Be sure to buy Red Noses in bulk from to sell or give out as party favors.

Red Nose Treasure Hunt

Participants Take Off for RND Treasure Hunt

Source: Perryville News      

Remember how much fun you had hunting for Easter eggs? You can recreate the magic with Red Noses by hosting a Red Nose Treasure Hunt. For a low tech version, hide Red Noses around your house or backyard, and whoever finds the most Noses wins. Or up your adventure game with a homemade treasure map or mobile apps like GooseChase or Scavify that send your friends all over town for a good cause.

Red-Themed BBQ

Source: Party City


Gingham, BBQ sauce, and sangria. What’s not to love about a backyard BBQ themed around the color red? Invite your friends to arrive dressed in red and set up a backdrop where they can pose going Nose-to-Nose. Play Nose-themed games like pin the Nose on the donkey and corn Nose (like corn hole, but with Red Noses). Enjoy a gorgeous afternoon while helping to save and change the lives of children in your community and around the world.

Red Nose Day Fitness Class

Red Nose Zumba Class


If you know anybody who loves fitness, raising money with a Zumba, yoga or dance class will definitely work out (get it?). These lovely ladies rocked a Red Nose Day Zumbathon and had a ton of fun while fundraising. Get active: do something good for yourself and others.

And be sure to let us know how you’re raising money for Red Nose Day. We love highlighting our creative fundraisers who are helping to end child poverty, one nose at a time.



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