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Changing the game in Uganda

Changing the Game in Uganda


At the Kiryadongo Refugee Settlement in Uganda, upwards of 245,000 people seek refuge from conflict in South Sudan. Many of them are children. 

Through our grantee partner Laureus, your donations are funding a sports development program that is changing the game for children living in the settlement. 

But what can sports do, exactly? 

To start, sports provide a return to some form of normalcy for youth, which is very important in refugee camps. Offering structured recreational activities such as team sports is a vital step in rebuilding communities and boosting the healing process.*

Uganda Refugee Camp

But sports are particularly important in Kiryadongo. Playing as a team addresses the fact that many who fled there from South Sudan are from opposite sides of the conflict. Through sport, members of different tribes can make friends and build a bond through playing together. 

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