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Protecting Our Most Vulnerable Children

Julia Roberts national immunization awareness month

Protecting Our Most Vulnerable Children

Not all diseases are curable, but many are preventable. 1.5 million children die each year from vaccine-preventable diseases, and 1 in 5 children worldwide are not fully protected with even the most basic vaccines. 

Since 2015, your Red Nose Day donations have been hard at work helping give children a healthy and safe start to life. Through our grantee partners, Red Nose Day funds four types of vaccines across six countries, which have gone on to impact the lives of 2,728,013 children (and counting). 

Here are some of their stories

Here are their stories

  • Victoria Beckham administers vaccine to Baby David

    Victoria Beckham Meets baby David in Kenya

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    #NosesOn means access to life-saving vaccinations. Victoria Beckham visited with our partner Amref Health Africa in Kenya to see how your donations are ensuring babies grow up healthy and strong.

  • Julia Roberts & Vaccines

    Julia Roberts on the power of vaccines

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    Julia Roberts and Bear Grylls cross a tattered bridge in Kenya to deliver life-saving vaccines to a remote village before the vaccines expire.

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