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In America, nearly 1 in 5 children live in poverty.

That's nearly 13 Million children who struggle to access the most basic needs – food, an education, a safe place to stay.

With your support, Red Nose Day is able to address immediate needs while fostering transformative change that can last a lifetime.

Just take a look at some ways Red Nose Day is changing lives right here at home:

City Year

  • City Year Red Nose Day Education

    Watch: Bridging the Education Gap in the Bronx

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    Through Red Nose Day's support, City Year can help students graduate school and achieve their dreams.

Philly Video

  • Covenant House Homelessness Philadelphia

    Beating the Odds in Philadelphia

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    Along with the Covenant House, we are able to support over 7,500 young adults like Jennifer in over 24 cities who are in need of shelter and support.

Puerto Rico Hurricane Maria

  • Helping Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria

    Delivering 5M Pounds of Food to Puerto Rico

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    Following the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, Red Nose Day and its grantee partners sprung into action to ensure the community's children had the most basic need: food. 

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