Noses On Across America

Noses On Across America

This is what happens when America gets their #NosesOn

From New York to Los Angeles and everywhere in between, Americans came together to end child poverty – one nose at a time. The results were incredible: together we raised more than $42 million to end child poverty in 2018 alone. Check out the below to see how the Red Nose Nation achieved this amazing result, the real stories of the children your donations are impacting... and we even have a video of Najee Richardson doing a backflip at a Phillies game.

Noses On!

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  • Paul Rudd explores child poverty in America

    Paul Rudd Explores child poverty in the United States

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    Follow along as Paul Rudd and Julia Roberts visit some schools in the United States, where children in need do not have access to healthy meals or good medical care.

  • Helping children exceed in Seattle

    Positively Impacting Students in Seattle

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    Erika Christensen and Sam Jaeger visit a Seattle City Year School to see how the program positively impacts students.

  • Matt Iseman in Philadelphia

    Matt Iseman practices his math

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    Matt Iseman travels to Philadelphia, where he sees how Red Nose Day Donations are helping students at schools like the Penn Treaty School.

  • Skai Jackson Red Nose Rally

    Skai Jackson throws a Red Nose Rally

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    Skai Jackson helps the Grant School in LA raise money to end child poverty with their Red Nose Rally.

  • Najee Richardson beautifies a school in Philadelphia

    Beautifying a school in Philly

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    Najee Richardson sees how Red Nose Day works with grantee partner City Year to help students at Kramp Elementary in Philadelphia succeed.

  • Fever pitch at the Philadelphia Phillies

    Fever Pitch at the Phillies

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    Phillies Phans go #NosesOn as Red Nose Day travels to Philadelphia with American Ninja Warrior star Najee Richardson.... and he totally flips.

  • Chicago goes Noses On for a good cause

    Chicago goes #NosesOn

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    We joined Comedian Calvin Evans to tour his hometown of Chicago, and see how people are coming together to help end child poverty.

  • Noses On Across America Red Nose Day USA 4 / 8   1  3:08 What it looks like when Chicagoans come together to help end child poverty Red Nose Day USA 2  0:43 Najee Richardson does a backflip, throws the first pitch at the Phillies Game Red Nose Day USA 3  1:44 American Ninja Warrior host Matt Iseman gets schooled in math Red Nose Day USA ▶  1:02 Why Yvette Nicole Brown and some friends held a bake sale Red Nose Day USA 5  2:05 Najee Richardson helps beautify a local School Red Nose Day USA 6  1:59 Erika Chri

    Yvette Nicole Brown's bake sale in LA

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    The Red Nose Day team travels to The Grove LA... and goes cupcake crazy with some of our favorite supporters.

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