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For many children in America, summer vacation means hours under the endless sun playing with friends, exploring, and just being a kid. But for many children in poor or low-income communities, the summer can be quite the opposite: months characterized by hunger, uncertainty, and loneliness.

For the 15 million American children living in poverty, summer can also mean a higher risk for becoming homeless. Every summer, the United States experiences an increase in homeless families seeking shelter called the "Summer Surge." During the summer, landlords and families are more likely to turn families out onto the streets, where the most vulnerable children do not have access to basic needs. The good news? This summer, your Red Nose Day donations aren't taking a break. 

The money you give to Red Nose Day is keeping vulnerable children and their families off the street. Red Nose Day donations support shelters throughout the country, from Philadelphia to Los Angeles.

A young mother and her son who have benefitted from shelter at Covenant House Philadelphia, helping the homeless
Red Nose Day donations help fund Covenant House Philadelphia, a homeless shelter for young people. This young mother and her son found Covenant House Philadelphia while struggling to find stable housing.

Just a few weeks ago, we visited a youth homeless shelter in Los Angeles that your donations support. Watch the amazing stories we uncovered, and learn how Red Nose Day helps give young people the opportunities they deserve. 

Since 2015, funds raised by Red Nose Day have served nearly 55,000 homeless young people in America. If you'd like to help us serve even more, donate now.


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