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Red Nose Day in School is Partnering with Teachers to Bring Empathy into Classrooms. Here’s Why It Matters.


Combining the fun and energy of Red Nose Day with educational content from Scholastic, Red Nose Day in School is once again helping teachers bring empathy into America’s classrooms and communities.

According to Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education, infusing empathy into the classroom benefits children in a variety of ways. Teaching empathy and kindness leads to more engaged students, higher academic achievement and behaviors that encourage positive relationships. In fact, there is a ton of research on empathy that shows the same.

Our Red Nose Day in School’s year-round program teaches students about the power of empathy as well as sparking classroom conversations on difficult subjects such as child poverty, and inspiring kids to take action to help others in a fun, fresh and engaging way.

Our very own CEO Alison Moore, said, “Teachers play a critical role in shaping kids’ experiences and their outlook on the world. Empathy and social-emotional learning are powerful lessons for the classroom as well as in life, and we are incredibly proud to support so many amazing teachers with this program.”

To date, an estimated 160,000 teachers have used the Red Nose Day in School materials in classrooms, reaching more than 4 million students across the country.

One of those teachers, Tracy Kooy, a fifth-grade teacher from Grant Elementary School in Santa Monica, California, has used the Red Nose Day in School classroom materials since 2017 and seen the program grow to be adopted school-wide. “Red Nose Day in School provides the perfect opportunity for me to teach the most important lesson for our kids today ­– the ability to empathize with others,” said “It is a privilege to be one small part of the Red Nose Day mission and promote a commitment to help those in need through good humor and community action.”

You can now access free downloadable lesson plans for grades 2–5 that include:

1. Classroom Routines to Build Empathy
2. Teachable Moments Throughout the Year
3. National Reading Month (March) — Building Empathy Through Reading
4. Writing for Informed Social Action

You can also find a whole lot of other supporting materials too, including videos and case studies of children who have been impacted by poverty and how they have been helped, as well as inspiring stories of kids making a difference in their communities.

And it doesn’t stop there!

Joke-Ha-Thon, the fundraiser that invites students to write, tell and sell their best jokes to raise life-changing money, kicks off April 1. And this year, global play and entertainment company Hasbro has pledged to match all Red Nose Day in School fundraising up to a total of $50,000!

Our Red Nose Day in School is a program loved by teachers as much as kids. Ann Amstutz Hayes, SVP, Scholastic National Partnerships said, “Scholastic is thrilled to be working again with Red Nose Day to bring these standards-based lessons to educators while empowering students to make a difference in their schools and communities. The program has seen an enormous response — teachers have told us how well the program fits within their curriculum and has helped to build empathy within their classrooms.”

If you’re a teacher, know a teacher or know some kids in grades 2-5 (that’s nearly everyone, right?)

So, get started today!