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volunteer with children

This Music Video is the Best Thing You’ll See All Day


When one creative family came together to raise money for Red Nose Day, they knew that they wanted to make something really special...something that would convince all their friends and family to get involved.

And wow, did they ever succeed!

Meet The Stallings

Nyiaar (age 12), Kane (age 5), and Drew (age 4) are the talented sons of Bianca and DeAndrew Stallings. The family lives in New Jersey.

volunteer with children

Giving is a Family Tradition

The Stallings have volunteered with their children in an annual family fundraiser since 2016, and this is their second year participating in Red Nose Day.

“When we were introduced to Red Nose Day, we knew we found the perfect fundraiser for us!” says Bianca. “The noses were so much fun for the boys and we absolutely LOVED the fact that the money helps SO MANY different organizations!”

“We taught the boys all about where the money goes and how many children they could possibly help! We felt like our contributions would reach so many more people through this organization, so the boys created their first Red Nose Day video.”

As you might imagine, it’s adorable.


Making 2018 Bigger and Better

“We finished writing the song in one night and then we taught it to the boys weeks before recording it,” says Bianca. “I was worried the boys would get tired of doing it, but they really kept it together and got the job done! I was so proud of them.”

Spreading the Word

As soon as Bianca posted the music video to the family’s Instagram accounts, it was a huge hit. Other family members started posting it on their social media accounts. And the Stallings didn’t stop there.

“We also posted an "update" video about our total funds raised,” says Bianca. Spoiler alert: the family exceeded their fundraising goal! And you can help make even more of a difference by donating to their fundraiser here.


The family that fundraises together, plays [music] together. Bianca and DeAndrew are incredibly proud: “We try to make it fun and exciting in hopes that other people get inspired and choose to join in to help us help others!” Well said.

All families should make fundraising an annual tradition. We tip our noses to Bianca, DeAndrew, Drew, Kane, and Nyiaar. Thank you for making such a powerful difference in the lives of children who need it most. And from Bianca and the whole Stallings family, “Thank you to all the friends and family who took the time out of their day to be a part of our video, and a VERY BIG thank you to everyone who has donated so far.”


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