How One Company Raised $75k in Two Weeks


Who doesn’t want to see their boss get a pie to the face, especially when it’s for a good cause?

When the generous employees at accounting and advisory firm BDO USA based their Red Nose Day 2017 fundraising efforts around this idea, the results were incredible.


We can’t thank BDO enough for their enthusiasm and support, and we think all companies can learn a thing or two from their story. So let’s see how they did it.

The Challenge

Office managing partners (read: bosses) across the country received a special message from the CEO, Wayne Berson.

His challenge, should they choose to accept it?

To create fundraising goals and then agree to be “Pie-ed in the Face” if those goals were reached. Ever ambitious, the company set an initial fundraising goal of $25,000.

Raising Funds While Having Fun

This challenge kicked off ten days of Red Nose Day fun like bake sales and casual dress days. Sharing progress across the company’s intranet kept employees engaged. Adding to the motivation, an online fundraising platform let offices around the country compete with each other. Houston quickly took the lead.

Just a few of the regional teams chipping in to support the cause and have fun.
Just a few of the regional teams chipping in to support the cause and have fun.

A 300% Success Rate and Counting

You can guess what happened next. Not only did BDO reach their goal, they raised 300% of it to donate an astonishing $75,000 to children in need. All of which proves that when employees come together to raise money for Red Nose Day, they can make a huge, positive impact.   

And of course, the very serious professionals at BDO loved seeing the CEO and partners around the country live up to the original challenge and take pies to the face.     

After all, people coming together to have fun and help end child poverty is what Red Nose Day is all about.

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