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child labor Peru

Escaping Child Labor in Peru

Case Study

When we first met Julieth* in 2015, she was engaged in back-breaking child labor at an outdoor brick making factory in Huachipa, Peru.


Julieth is now 9 years old, and still lives in Huachipa with her mother and two younger siblings. She is a beneficiary of a new project launched by CESIP called ‘Promoting the rights of children and adolescents in Huachipa,’ a project supported by a grant from the Red Nose Day Fund.

Thanks to generous donations from the American public on Red Nose Day, Julieth is no longer engaged in child labor.

As you might imagine, Julieth’s family continues to struggle financially. Her mother Dina works in landscaping, sowing grass, and sometimes the family cannot participate in school activities that require extra fees. Julieth’s father abandoned the family four years ago and does not have contact with his children. Dina has begun a legal process in the hope that Julieth’s father will take financial responsibility for his children.

Educating and engaging parents is a key part of breaking the cycle of child labor. Dina learned about the consequences of child labor and the rights of children through CESIP’s project, and does not want her daughter to suffer the way she did from child labor. When CESIP first began to work with Julieth, she was a timid, quiet girl. She was often tired from working and didn’t want to play. Her mother has seen a major change in Julieth ever since she entered CESIP’s project. She is now a playful, happy and affectionate little girl.

Julieth is in the third grade now, and she received good grades last semester. Her favorite class is math. She a great big sister, and she is very protective and loving towards her two younger siblings, José (age 8) and Flavia (age 5). Julieth also enjoys the art classes offered through CESIP. At the end of her school day, Julieth goes to the second-grade classroom and picks up José so that they can walk home together. After they finish their homework, they like to play soccer.

Julieth’s life has been radically transformed. She goes to school, plays with her siblings, and even participates in classes to educate children about their rights, increase self-confidence, and improve social skills.  

Instead of making bricks, Julieth is now laying the foundation for her own future.

* Name has been changed to protect privacy.

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