Fundraising Ideas For Kids

Fundraising for Red Nose Day brings the school community together to help others, while fostering fun, creativity, and teamwork. 


  • Kate McKinnon JokeHaThon

    Join the Joke-Ha-Thon

    For Red Nose Day, kids will tell and sell their best jokes to raise some laughs and life-changing cash for children in need. Just let Kate McKinnon show you how.

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Our Impact: Red Nose Day has raised more than $190 million in just five years to end child poverty, both in America and in some of the poorest communities around the world. The money raised goes to fund projects that ensure children are safe, healthy, educated, and empowered.

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Inspiration from Classrooms Around the Country

Fundraising Videos

  • Kelly Clarkson rallies for Red Nose Day at Laurel Hall School

    Kelly Clarkson Rallies for Red Nose Day at Laurel Hall School

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    Kelly Clarkson visits Laurel Hall Elementary School, where kids learn about giving back through the Red Nose Day lesson plan.

  • Skai Jackson Red Nose Rally

    Skai Jackson helps Grant Elementary fundraise

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    Skai Jackson helps the Grant School in LA raise money to end child poverty with their Red Nose Rally.

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