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Kids are Invited to Make Their Laughs Matter

Join the Red Nose Day Joke-Ha-Thon for a fun, easy, and meaningful classroom experience that your students will never forget! From April Fool’s Day 2020 through Red Nose Day on May 21, students across the country will tell and sell their best jokes within their classrooms, schools, and communities to spread some much-needed joy and raise some life-changing cash for children in need.


Get started now by downloading the Literacy, Empathy and Humor lesson plan to build students' literacy skills while exploring how comedy and creativity can make a difference. 

Then, sign up below to get our exclusive printed Joke-Ha-Thon poster to hang in your classroom. Quantities are limited!*


*To be sent in January 2020

Check back in January 2020 for more information on JokeHaThon and how your classroom can get involved.

How Does Joke-Ha-Thon Work?

Learn about how to bring Joke-Ha-Thon to your school in the videos below.

JokeHaThon videos

  • Joke-Ha-Thon Kids

    Watch kids sell and tell their best jokes for Red Nose Day

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    Kids sell & tell their best jokes for Joke-Ha-Thon.

  • Kate McKinnon Red Nose Day JokeHaThon

    Three steps to hosting your own Joke-Ha-Thon with SNL's Kate McKinnon

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    Kate McKinnon wants your kids to sell their jokes.

  • A student tells jokes during the Red Nose Day JokeHaThon

    In Howards Grove, WI, students are using humor to impact change

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    At Northview Elementary School in Howards Grove, WI, students are raising laughs and life-changing cash.


The money your kids raise with their jokes is changing and saving lives. Since 2015, we've raised more than $190 million to end child poverty – impacting more than 16 million children in America and around the world.

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