Meet Your Everyday Heroes

Available only at Walgreens nationwide. Add more copy here if need be.


  • Red Red Red

     For years I have used my powers to help end child poverty. Now, I give these powers to Rusty, Rojo, Ruby, and Scarlet.

    Together, we are the Red Nose Day Everyday Heroes! Go forth and use your powers to help end child poverty! 

  • Rusty Rusty Rusty

    I use my speed to deliver school supplies to those in need!

  • Scarlet Scarlet Scarlet

    I can hear a hungry tummy miles away, so I bring food to children every day.

  • Rojo Rojo Rojo

    When a child is sick, I can deliver medicine super quick! 

  • Ruby Ruby Ruby

    With my might, I can give children a safe place to live day and night.

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