Introducing The Everyday Heroes

When it comes to changing the world, sometimes we can forget that even small actions can have a big impact. 

The Everyday Heroes remind people of their own power to make a difference. They may look ordinary, but they have extraordinary abilities: the five Everyday Hero Red Noses use their superpowers to help keep children in America and around the world safe, healthy and educated. 

Everyday Hero Red Noses were available at Walgreens nationwide through June 30, 2019.


heroes intro row CW

  • Red Red Nose Day Everyday Heroes


    For years, I have used my powers to help end child poverty. Now, I give my friends their own superpowers.

  • Rusty Red Nose Day


    I'm Rusty. I have super speed to deliver school supplies to children in need.

  • Scarlet Red Nose Day Everyday Heroes


    I'm Scarlet. I can hear a hungry tummy miles away, so I can bring food to children every day.

  • Rojo Red Nose Day Everyday Heroes


    I'm Rojo, and I have the ability to fly. When a child is sick, I deliver medicine super quick.

  • Ruby Red Nose Day


    I'm Ruby. With my might, I can give children a safe place to live day and night.

Hero Intro wide video CW

  • Red Noses

    WATCH: Introducing The Everyday Heroes!

    media block

    Red is back with a new band of Red Nose friends. 

  • Rojo and Rusty

    WATCH: Rojo's Got a Joke for You

    media block

    Rojo's joke might make you sweat. 

  • Ruby Scarlet

    WATCH: When the Joke Doesn't Land

    media block

    Things can get a little awkward.

Recycling Noses

  • Recycle Symbol

    Recycle Your Old Red Noses

    This year, you can recycle your Red Noses and Red Nose packaging at any Walgreens store until June 30. Red Noses will then serve their next mission to make kid-friendly products like buddy benches and more.

Be an Everyday Hero: Take the #HeroHighFive Challenge

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  • Go and buy your Everyday Heroes Red Nose

    Go & Buy

    Grab a friend and buy one or collect all 5 Red Noses from your local Walgreens.

  • Snap your photo for a chance to be featured on Red Nose Day on NBC

    Snap & Share

    Film yourselves wearing them and giving a High Five.

  • Hero High 5

    Tag & Post

    Tag and post with #HeroHighFive.

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