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The Easiest Good You'll Ever Do

There are a million ways to fundraise if you want to sweat, but if you prefer sweatpants, this is the fundraiser for you! You deserve a fun night in, so why not help end child poverty at the same time?

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    Sit back, relax, and raise money for children in need. It's the easiest good you'll ever do. 

Here's How to Fundraise & Chill: 

1. Register your fundraiser online and we'll send you an email with your very own chill kit

2. Invite your squad over and encourage them to donate

3. Buy your Everyday Heroes Red Noses for you and your friends at your local Walgreens

Sound good? Get started below! 

Let's Go!

Fundraise & Chill with Rusty
Chill party fundraiser
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    Fundraise & Chill is so easy, Alexa can do it for you.

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If you're looking for a friend's fundraiser or can't find your own, just click below to search!

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