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Children and young people don't choose to be homeless.

They take to the streets because adults have failed them, or because circumstances beyond their control have left them no other choice.

Like so many children facing poverty, Bless is more than her circumstances. She is resilient, brilliant, and full of potential. And every day your Red Nose Day donations are providing a safe place to call home and life-changing resources to help children and young people learn, grow, and thrive.

See the stories of others being helped by your support:

Homelessness Content

  • Covenant House Homelessness Philadelphia

    Beating the Odds in Philadelphia

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    Along with the Covenant House, we are able to support over 7,500 young adults like Jennifer in over 24 cities who are in need of shelter and support.

  • Covenant House

    How We Help Give Young People the Opportunities They Deserve

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    The Red Nose Day team travels to meet with our partners at Covenant House LA and learns how together we're helping teens aging out of the foster care system find stability and build a future.