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Start something amazing

Row 1


Buy or bake your favorite treats, and add some red sprinkles and decorations for fun!

Warm up the oven


Put your money where your mouth is - literally. Tip the jar every time you use a swear. 

Swear Off, Noses On

Movie Night

Invite your friends and family to a movie night. Charge a fee at the door, sell noses and snacks. 

Lights, camera, Noses On

Walk to Work

Bring out your inner gym buff and get sponsored to walk, bike, or run to work. 

Get fit for a good cause

Rows 2

Penny Drive

Small change can make a huge difference. Collect coins around home and school.   

Collect change for change


Host a yoga class and donate the proceeds, or wear red to class. 

Noses Om

Sponsored Silence

Sell some quiet time to your friends and family! Get sponsored to keep quiet. 

Noses On and shhh


Don't need it? Sell it! And share your proceeds with Red Nose Day.  

Do some spring cleaning


You're so vain. Charge $1 for everyone to pack into a selfie, and don't forget to share!


Go free

Kick caffeine, candy or any other kind of habit and get your friends to sponsor you for May.

Give it up for good

Party Time

Charge admission for a roaring night of fun. Create red-themed appetizers and drinks.  

A raging occasion

Dress Crazy

Pick a date and declare Red Nose Day for your class. Donate $$ to dress nose-to-toes in red.  

Lets get crazy

Party favors

Got a birthday or wedding? Give a Red Nose party favor, and ask for donations over gifts. 

Best gift ever

Team effort

Get sponsored to wear costumes during a match, or charge your team $1 for a nose. 

Get in the game


Get sponsored to endure a whole day of wearing an opposing team's uniform.

Wear it and weep

Car wash

Car wash time! Find a spot, grab your friends, and wax on for good. 

Noses On, wax off